Who are you?

Twilight Fans For Shy Wolves is an online campaign to benefit The Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Naples FL. We are a group of students from Florida Gulf Coast University and we are also volunteers at the sanctuary. 

What is the Shy Wolf Sanctuary?

The Shy Wolf Sanctuary is a non-profit sanctuary for abused and neglected wolves and wolf dogs. It is also home to panthers, foxes, prairie dogs, and a bobcat. Their goal is to create a safe haven for all of these animals and to help educate the public. 

Why are you raising money?

As stated above, Shy Wolf Sanctuary is a non-profit sanctuary. It is solely run on donations and with the help of volunteers. The sanctuary has plans to build a new facility on 20 acres of land with new enclosures and more natural settings for the wolves. We want to help them achieve these plans in any way possible. 

Is the Shy Wolf Sanctuary open to the public?

Absolutely! Visit ShyWolfSanctuary.com to make an appointment to visit!